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Steve “KATZ” is the purveyor of his own surreal and absurd sideshow of friendly freaks and melancholy misfits. His images are whimsically dark, grotesquely cute and psychedelically dream-like. 


" The process is more of a discovery than a creation in that rather than just moving paint around the canvas to create an image, I feel that I'm brushing away the surface to reveal a moment in time; a window into a world that already exists. Once the characters introduce themselves they can be grotesque and dark but softened by their mood. There is a story behind the characters but they only say enough to create a sense of mystery. I don’t pry or ask too many questions. Im happy to just let them exist in their own mysterious little world."


Katz was born in Charleston, South Carolina, USA and was lured by the smell of oil paints at an early age as his mother was an artist herself and Illustrator for the New York Times. His first trip to Disney’s Haunted Mansion would spark a fascination with the macabre and would immediately manifest itself in his own art. He would later be intrigued by the flamboyant theatrics and imagery of rock album covers and magazines such as Cream, Circus and Heavy Metal which would trigger further artistic endeavors and become fodder for his first earnings as an artist in the 5th grade, selling his drawings of Kiss and AC/DC at school and with his first viewing of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” an even bigger door would open and affirm his interest in the surreal and absurd and he would be inspired even more by the marriage of art and music.


He went on to receive a BFA in illustration at Parsons School of Design in New York City where he would be introduced and inspired by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, Frances Bacon and Ralph Steadman. Upon finishing he was hired to produce artwork and build props and decorate sets for Nickelodeon and MTV networks while still painting and producing illustrations for various editorial publications. He later moved to Los Angeles where he would soon find himself involved in the world of special FX make-up and would help create prosthetics and creature suits for many major films and television productions including Godzilla, Men in Black, Hellboy, Planet of the Apes, Narnia, numerous Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez films and The Walking Dead TV series.  When not knee-deep in foam latex, he continues to produce logos, poster art, CD covers and illustrations for various publications  and his paintings have been featured in many group fine art exhibitions. Samples of his logo designs and graphics can be seen at  


With his recent relocation to Sydney Australia to be with his wife, he continues his work in the film and television industry and is active in the local art scene where he has exhibited in the Arte Diabolica ll group show at M2 Gallery in Surry Hills, NSW and  the Bein' Narly group show at Alpha Gallery in Erskinville, NSW.



Born: Charleston, South Carolina

Education: BFA in Illustration, Parsons School of Design, NYC

Present Location: Sydney, AUS

Commercial work:
. Editorial illustration with clients including: Guitar Magazine, Children's Television Workshop, Sesame Street Parents, N.Y.U. Magazine, Charleston Magazine
. Graphics including logo design and promotional illustration for CD cover art, Posters, Flyers, T-shirts.
. Building props, set decorating and set painting for various television and film productions. 
. Special effects make-up: KNB EFX Group, Cinovation Studios, Spectral Motion, Edge FX, Quantum Creations, Alterian

. "Bein' Narly" Group Exhibition, Alpha House Artist Co Operative: Erskineville NSW Australia

. Beach Burrito: Newtown, NSW Australia

. The Hive Gallery: Featured Artist and multiple group shows - Los Angeles, CA
. C.A.V.E. Gallery: Group show - Los Angeles, CA
. Go, Rilla Gallery: Group show - Santa Ana, CA 
. Infusion Gallery, Group shows -Los Angeles, CA
. Cannibal Flower: Multiple group shows - Los Angeles, CA 
. Tidwell Gallery: Featured artist - Charleston, SC


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